Monday, March 30, 2009

model kerjaya.. !

seems like everyone love to try itu dan ini..,
kinda fun watch them act like this n that..,

our doctor..,
to-be lah !~footballer...!

first : someone at first from right(doctor!)..,
second : 4th from left(bussinesman!)
oh maybe i should write bussinesboy!..,
third : 3rd from left.. (ustaz)

the aiman.. !

competitors.. !

this activities seem not to bad..,
evryone love to give a comments,..
n very hebatlah mereka...

adopted programs.. !

okeh this how our program starts..
as usual headmaster start his speech..,
aafter that,
teachers2 dipaskan dgn fail2
about adopted2 nie..,
some photo that day.,

oh maybe too late to say..,
our ustaz baru saja..,
had his big day..,
so congratulations for that weedings!!!!.
so hebat tau that events..,
serius ni~

cikgu ikmal.. ~

the speech.> !
what to say ya??..
just nothing..,
so for all of our teachers n students..,
gud luck for this task..,
adoptions and adopted.., !
so just that..
next events..,,
coming soon ~~~

Saturday, February 7, 2009

majlis dialog n gotong royong

7feb 2009.. !
keep buzy with all school programs..
so this is some photo that day.. ~

teachers2 yang sungguh suka
hik3.. ~

pendaftaran.. !
erm.. quite ramai yang hadir..
thanks for those yang sudi datang.. ~

Thursday, January 29, 2009

national day.. ! :) 2008..

nyanyian lagu2 merdeka oleh cikgu2 yang sangat dihormati.. !
pakaian beragam.. !:0

some drama from them.. !

tanggal tiga puluh satu.. bulan 8 lima puluh tujuh.. merdeka2... merdeka2... lalalalalalala.. :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

piala datuk satim ... ! i guess... :)

juara bertahan for 2 years... !
so anyone nak lawan?

i donno ape actually yang dorank buat..
but... ! just let them buat ape2 yang dorank ske.. :)

congratulations for them... skpu2 really2 proud with them.. ! so congrats again.. :)

Khatam Alquran

as long as we are muslim AlQuran always there for us..!
so sempena program selepas upsr n ramadhan...
skpu2 did something with that.. !

not all of them join it.. but atleast dorank datang untuk tgk... !

erm.. what to say ar!.. erm... just da.. !

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

penang trip... ! :)

penang... ! what to say??? er,...
nice view,sea, place n everything there..
.... tanjung bunga beach resort...
not bad... so2 lah.. not to good n not to bad... just fine..!

...butterfly garden.. !
actually this place not to big macam di kl... just ok.. !

yes.. ! something to say prof arif ???

we visit macam2 tempat... ! such as, butterfly garden, toys muzium, bukit merah, n MCD!... actually bukan semua pegi mCD tersebut, just cikgu Azni n ncik Azman je yang pergi after haikal n the geng buat hal after melawat muzium permainan tu.. !